Work Samples

Social media ads, 3D art, vectors, and Mockups

Zagreusbar Wine and Coffee
Anti-COVID Facebook post


I made this Facebook post using a mask mockup for a customer's business, asking their customers to be safe while getting back to the things they love!

Old Resume Website
With Bootstrap 4


My own old website. I used Bootstrap 4 as a framework before I realize that making my own framework is even more fun and fulfilling. Also, customization is the way to go!

Massimiliano Rinaldi's eCommerce
Coffee Specialty


A work in progress for a business. I'm creating a UI and UX for a brand new coffee specialty eCommerce. I won't use any framework, like this website you're on.

Zagreusbar Coffee and Wine
Instagram Stories and Ads


Zagreusbar is one of my dearest clients, I manage their social media and help them grow on the (South) Italian Network. Also, Instagram stories are fun to design!

Heather Orza
Business Card

Maria manzo

I design business cards too! In this example I designed a card for Heather Orza, a medical coder in New York. Linking her website to a QRCode.

Zagreusbar Coffee and Wine
Website Advertisement

Wooden Table

With the current state of the world, digital menus are the future. So, a digital and interactive website is the easiest and fanciest way to do it! It is customizable, has personality, and is cool!

3D Concepts and Art

Software used: Blender, Maja, ZBrush and many more

CyberPunk Head
Skull Cartoon
Donuts of course
Toon Well
Alien Soldier
Table CellShading
Fluffy Dance (video on my Instagram)
Alien Planet
Sunset Abstract
Abstract Wireframe with light
Round Wireframe


Up and running right now!

Pic 01

Zagreus Menu

Digital menu paired with QRCodes and NFC tags for a Wine Bar in Italy

Pic 02

Artistic Ideas Unlimited

Kathy Orza's Showcase. Artist and art teacher in New York

Pic 02

Strianese SRL

Customer's website for an air conditioner selling point

Pic 02

Old Resume

My old website, back when I just started learning

Pic 02

Heather Orza, CPC

Here is a website for a medical coder that is used to advertise her business


Commercials, social media stories and posts